Mystery Shopping

We are now the nation’s leading provider of mystery shopping
in the senior living industry!

As highly experienced sales trainers, coaches and marketing specialists in the healthcare sector, we know that mystery shopping is instrumental in helping companies set and maintain high standards in customer service, marketing awareness, branding, the use of specific sales processes, follow up and competitive insight. We believe where performance is measured, it can be improved.

Mystery Shopping

Find your weaknesses, enhance your strengths and compete more aggressively in the market.

Mystery Shopping Services:

  • Web Mystery Shops
  • Telephone Mystery Shops (Recorded)
  • In-Person Traditional Mystery Shops
  • Audio Recorded in person visits
  • Video Recorded in person visits (results in 5-7 days)
When you engage in a training and coaching with Bild, we can send shoppers in prior to training to evaluate how your staff is currently performing, via web, telephone and in person. This is extremely beneficial information about your team’s current problem and strength areas.
Like our core mystery shopping program, our mystery shoppers will evaluate your competitors to gather insight on their lead and sales tactics, tour process, pricing, and how they compare themselves to your brand.
While traditional mystery shops provide detailed narratives about the shoppers’ experience with your brand, sometimes you need a little more proof - such as knowing why sales are down but satisfaction is high. Bild’s video shopping can help answer those unknowns. It allows you to observe body language, presentation skills, and overall facility appearance in a way that you wouldn’t ever necessarily see from that perspective.

Shoppers are sent in

Bild coached shoppers pose as potential customers of your business or your competition’s. Shoppers evaluate your sales team’s performance, comparing them to the industry’s best standards and practices.

Evaluating it all

Shoppers can follow the entire life cycle of the prospective customer. Once on site, the shopper evaluates the introduction, additional needs analysis, tour experience, cleanliness, medical familiarity, information giving, and closing experiences - as well as evaluation of friendliness and compassion.

Quality results delivered

All results are delivered back to clients within 48 hours after shop completion. Our Quality Control team listens to and reviews each and every phone call to ensure grammatical correctness as well as consistency. And because of the volume of mystery shopping that we do, we can also provide industry specific benchmarking.

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